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Gateway Mtg TONIGHT in Bolivar Heights (Surrey)

Gateway Mtg TONIGHT in Bolivar Heights (Surrey)

Please pass this on to anyone you know who lives in this community, or wants to support other communities in the fight against Gateway. WE CAN WIN THIS.

Note: the venue is a 20-min. walk/5 min. bike ride from (the ironically named) Gateway SkyTrain Station.

Thursday, April 3rd
4:00 8:00 PM
at James Ardiel School
13751 112th Avenue

Learn about the issues! Share your opinions! Discuss alternatives!

Find out how the proposed freeway, the South Perimeter Road, will impact you, your family and your community.

Residents of the Bolivar Heights community in North Surrey are holding an open meeting on Thursday to discuss the impacts of the Gateway megaproject on their neighbourhood. Of particular concern are the effects of increased traffic, pollution, and noise on the area, and the impacts that the new freeway and the highway expansion will have on the safety and livability of
the community.

The meeting runs from 4 to 8pm. At 6pm there will be a panel presentation followed by questions and comments. Panelists include transportation activist Greg Hoover; Susan Jones of Against Port Expansion; Donna Passmore of Gateway 50; Jaime Boan, transport manager from the City of Surrey; Don Hunt of Sunbury Neighbourhood Association; Lucie Matich of Port Mann Community Assoc, and Joe Foy of the Wilderness Committee.

Come get informed, meet your neighbours, and support our communities south and north of the Fraser.

Sponsored by: James Ardiel Parent Advisory Council
Info: pcgraphic@@@gmail.,.com

**check in on for the followup report!**



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