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Update! From the Self Propelled Outdoor Club

...thought I would pass this on to any and all looking for a little fun an adventure outdoors that isn't totally car dependant. In my opinion, the hardest thing to going 'Carfree' is making the choice to do it - which requires support and imagination so that it can be possible. Going CARefree isn't technically all that difficult - but it is very different - so a community of support is vital. This is one way to do that, to broaden your carfree horizon!

---from the club:
Just a quick note that SPOC has some good news. You may have heard already, but the website has been updated: SELFPROP.ORG and there is lots to check out there. Most of the additions have been in the "Trip Reports" section, specifically in the 'full list' link on the "Trip Reports" page.

In other news, lots of organizing of trips happen on our listserve, so if you are not on it, join! It is free and really doesn't take very long at all. I would consider selecting the option for a daily digest, as getting all the banter in individual emails can be a bit much.

Lastly, we are currently looking into organizing a fundraiser for a local learn-to-bike group. Again, join the list serve or check out the site for updates.

See you out there, Damien SPOC Prez.



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