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stupidest bike lane in america

this is a pretty interesting video. Sadly, it won't be hard to find a huge list of examples of these anywhere. but its a good case for showing people who wouldn't otherwise notice. When I was in Ireland I came across a bike lane that was literally about 20m long - it basically was in the middle of a stretch of the highway where they built this thing in the middle - some kind of very short median - and then it ended. I got a picture but I'll have to digitize it. It would be a great trend if people video their stupid bike lanes and post them on youtube or something. However, it would be best to do a semi-decent job of it. There is no lack of examples but I think the better quality would go further than just showing all the many examples. If you do it in a clever way it could get on TV the first time so maybe we should find a really important thing to improve?

PS its sadly amusing that this video has a car ad embedded!



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