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But bicycles DO fly!

Its funny the car advert that is bundled with the video, they really are trying to make people feel warm and fuzzy about the latest version of green cars, aka 'hybrid.' They even mention a bicycle in the SUV advert, as if somehow having the hybrid branding makes the private auto behemoth less detestable...

McDonald's TM promoting human powered air transport!?
Odd development: McDonald's is advertising on it's paper bags this french guy who has done something similar to the White Dwarf. All it has is a picture of "Stephane," of "Nice, France" pedalling a propeller and the description 'human powered flying machine' and the 'globalcasting' website. The website is a terrible to navigate promotional flash site (circa 5 years ago) on which I could find no specific reference to this Stephane, or Nice guy. Perhaps it will be put up there later as it seemed to me like the website was out of date to August and so maybe the September/ October content would include his story (the content is only a few month out of date, the GUI is about 5 years old!) Anyone hear anymore about this? Do tell.

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