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Yes, we ride the last Friday of every month!


Critical Mask! Hallowe'ekend.

The most colourful ride of the year!
meet 5pm onwards, ride 6pm
from Vancouver Art Gallery Lions Side
free freedom for real
last October Friday, the 26th
Wear a costume in the street! Bike and Roll.
[ masks that obscure your vision are dangerous, wearing a helmet is a good idea, decorated helmets are superdoo - but don't put hard sharp objects on your helmet, duh...]

Celebrate the public space that we create by simply riding together. Inspire drivers and pedestrians with visions of a public city that is welcoming to all, safely, slowly... not ignoring the global or local environment.

pre- rides, 4:30ish ride together downtown:
  • UBC at the BikeHub in the SUB 827-7333
  • Grandview Park on Commercial drive
Please be respectful of all people on the ride, in cars, or on the street - we are riding to make a better city for all. Please always yield to pedestrians on foot. There will be some riders dressed up as police. Always remember that they are trying to do a job [a job which unfortunately tends to enforce the overwhelming presense of cars] but they are not in charge of the ride - may need to be taught how the ride works [respectfully] - and should not be doing the job of the riders: We need to be responsible for corking and for talking to wondering people on the side of the street. Non-CM participants frequently complain that they wish we could communicate better what is going on - it is up to all of us to do that. Maybe we don't really know all that is going on, but talking about it to spectators is the first step to making them participants! The Hallowe'en ride is always a ride of good spirits and fun with all the costumes.


VeloWeen - Friday October 26th. Post CM
Velofusion ANZA club dance party. 8pm
cheaper for CM riders, or with a costume
free if you volunteer at the upcoming parade of lost souls.



Our Community Bikes' Halloween/BDay party
Saturday, October 27
Halloween and [14th !] birthday party.
As in past years, it will be a true shaker.

8 pm and onward into the night.
Our Community Bikes
3283 Main Street (just north of 17th Ave),
604-879-2453 Look for lots of bikes!



Parade of the Lost Souls

Starts at Britannia Oval - Saturday night, October 27, 2007
6:30pm - 10:30pm - Roads Open, Safe, CARFREE!

Commercial Drive Will be CLOSED to Autos between 1st Ave. and Venables St. It's not to late to volunteer for the parade of lost souls, just e-mail

Roadblocks[openings] between 4:00pm and 11:00pm:
  • Between Venables St. and 1st Ave. on Commercial Dr.
  • All access streets on Salsbury Dr. between 1st Ave. & Venables St
  • Cotton Dr. from Graveley St. to Kitchener St.
  • Kitchener St. to Odlum St.
  • Odlum St. from Charles St. to Napier St.


The third annual Night for All Souls will take place on
Saturday, October 27, 2007 from 6 - 10 pm.
Mountain View Cemetery, near 37th and Fraser

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