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towards world car free day

September 22nd is World Carfree Day. In Vancouver, it means almost nothing. Because nothing has been organised to make it happen. Again. I thought things were going in the right direction when the city project OneDay took up the cause. But they dropped the ball. People really should complain!

As a cyclist however, there is lots of fun to be had with the Bike Love Weekend climaxing in the Velomutation Party. Cyclists are converging here from all over including 30 from Portland!

The rest of the world moves forward. In Bogota this week will be the Towards Carfree Cities VI conference, celebrating their WEEKLY carfree day, the Ciclovia.

I will be heading South to Columbia today to participate. I will be reporting events there as they happen [or as I have internet access] on this blog. Stay tuned. I'll try to post pictures too. Checkout the awesome itnerary of topics! Highway removal? Count me in!



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