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July 28 Mass

This is planned for July. I'm putting the theme out there to be non-elitist. And also because nothing is set in stone and to invite others to help plan the ride. Some want to make the Gateway project Highway opposition a theme too, which is important.

Friday, July 28th, 2006
gather 5:30pm, leave 6pm
Vancouver Art Gallery, Downtown
[Fountain side]

All proud pedallers and self-propelled
skates, boards, bikes, trikes, quikes... pedal powered couches!
Straight or Bent,
Celebrate our public space
reclaim the streets! FREE

July Mass especially invites the Queer Community already among us for an inclusive street party on wheels. We WILL ride down Davie.

list of alternate fun names for the event:
[the ride is NOT exclusive]
Ride with Pride,
Pride Ride,
Rainbow Ride,
Bicycle Pride!
Pride Mass!
Queercicle, (hmmm?)
Queertical Mass
Queer Mass
Massively Queer
Geared Queer
Gears, Queers, and Bikes
Critical Mass is Queer
Gay Mass or, Mass Gay
Gay Gears Get Queer
Mighty Mass or Mighty Massive
Pride Mass
Ride the Rainbow?
Rainbow Mass
Rainbow Ride
"Crit-licle Peace Bike Ride Crid-ler Mass" says Bruce's four-year old

~bruce says:
I want to have a kinder-mass splinter group some time that makes a
play-area for the kids before we start (a bike fell on my daughter
right after we arrived today--sucked), and bails on the ride early if
it gets kinda long, and goes to a park or the beach. We'll all have
snacks to share, etc. I'd love to tell where we're going and maybe
the "adult" ride could join us later?

Anybody else up for that as part of the July-Pride-Ride?


  • At 4:20 pm, July 28, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    pride ride - how about on the drive instead? pride everything seems to be on davie..... anyways, my last minute two bits.


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