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BC superweek

Tour de Gastown, Tour de White Rock and Tour de Delta. A full week of bicycle races July 15th-23rd!

I'm not much of a roadie. These are sure to be corporate events. However, proceeds to BC-Cancer foundation [who have a spiffy cyclist on the webpage]. I'm a little jaded about such charity fundraising, I went on Ride for a Reason in 1997 and back then the 'proceeds' of the event were only about 10% of the over $1 000 000 raised. The rest paid for the expensive event. I think it is important to pay people and charity work is no exception. I'm not so keen on paying for gas and corporate facilitation and such. Anyways, that's my reservations. That and a general problem with the sexist gender binary outlook. Why segregated racing? Always. Always?

Also, Seriously... The list of sponsors! Geez, Volkswagen? Enterprise Rent-A-Car? GlobalBS? etc.

Before I talk myself out of it, here is my plug for a big cycling event in our community:


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