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Recall David Emerson

A letter written to The Province


Dear Sirs,

I find the editorial supporting David Emerson's defection to the Conservative Party offensive. This is not something that "makes sense for BC" or is just a case of crying in your beer. David Emerson has flagrantly disregarded the system of democracy in this country and should not be in Parliament! He should be recalled, even if there is no existing process in place to do that; what he did was without precedence. There were only 8,600 out of 46,000 votes for the Conservative Party in the Vancouver Kingsway riding. The Conservatives came in 3rd place. A whopping 82% of voters voted against the Conservatives. This is not insignificant. There is a fundamental difference between quitting the party as the political scene morphs, months or years after an election, and doing it immediately following an election. To do so right after an election is deceit. He obviously had hidden sympathies for his opponents during the election but chose to hide that from his constituents. This should be illegal.

Emerson's policy of supporting the BC highway Gateway project by changing parties is reckless. This project does not have support in Vancouver. It is irresponsible to pave more and increase car dependency and traffic congestion in our era of Global Climate Change. It shows the desperation of this policy that it is reliant on such anti-democratic maneuvers.

Please campaign to remove this power-hungry liar from office. If he remains, there is no point in voting as accountability is a joke.

There is an Online petition just started at

Russell Adams


  • At 8:43 pm, February 08, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Here is a petition for Michal Fortier to resign until he runs in a by-election for a seat in the House.

    Sign the Petition for Michael Fortier to resign and run in a by-election

  • At 9:19 am, February 12, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Harper & Emerson: The Theft of Democratic Rights.

    Kerry Galloway, who voted for Emerson, was quoted in the press as saying: “I have been robbed of my democratic vote.”

    A very good summary of what Messrs. Emerson and Harper cooked up in the days after the election and before Harper’s cabinet was selected. They acted like two highwaymen who waited for unsuspecting voters to come their way, then – political pistols on high – leaped out of hiding and demanded that the hapless voters in the riding of Vancouver Kingsway hand over their choice to the highwaymen, to be used by them rather than as directed by the voters in a democratically held election.

    Also troublesome are two other matters: the attitude of these two men to what they have done.

    Harper has displayed an incredible arrogance; he is quoted as saying: "I decided to call him and suggest I thought his talents would be best used on the government benches rather than in opposition," said Prime Minister Harper.

    Think about that for a second. I decided –says the PM – what was best for a constituency. The fact that 80% of that riding did not vote Conservative? Pshaw! Harper brushes it aside. “I” decided.

    An attitude worthy of a king. He might as well have told the voters in that riding: Let them eat cake …

    And Emerson? Another supposedly bright man with good political instincts? He is quoted as saying he did not want to attend a rally called in his riding to protest the democratic theft because: “I felt it was a partisan exercise.” Then, to add insult to injury, he says: “I am doing what I think is in the best interests of my riding.” Another royal reply to the peasants …

    Harper and Emerson together add up to a wonderful example of political dissynergy.

    Come the next election, it will be time to take your vote back.


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