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Yes, we ride the last Friday of every month!


global warming critical mass

bicycle and skate
global climate change street party
celebrate the beginning of winter
and the end of spring
this friday february 24th
meet 5pm, leave 6pm
NE side of Vancouver Art Gallery
with the Lions, on Georgia ST.
Rain, shine, snow or wind

dress in outdoor gear from your favourite season

it's fun too, bring soundboxes and musical instruments if you can all are invited. This is an inclusive event. If you are a regular please try and bring a newbie. We are out there fighting for what is right but the individual drivers are not our enemies, they are our trapped allies that we need to help to escape. Not a fight, festivity!

critical Mass is dynamic. Those what show up are the leadership. The route is determined on the ride. Yet, it is organised, we roll together and watch out for each other. We make the streets safer for a breif few minutes by displacing the autos and riding together.

they still want to build a new motorway
[free-dum-way, low/high-way]
because more cars equals more
money for them, and because we are yet

Still We Ride!
Neverending war abroad provides
neverending excuses to act up in the streets...
"No, YOU calm down."

possible party after the ride at the anza club?


!bikes on burrard street bridge

!join the cycling coalition

!no more megahighways in our town

!get kevin falcon his own helicopter to save money of building a highway
just for him

!bus riders unite

!healthy mind, body and planet tour


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