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street party to stop the highway saturday



It's time for East Van vs Godzilla...the first "public consultation" about
the Highway Expansion in East Van will be held this Saturday, Nov. 5. The
church is far too small to hold everyone who will come, so we may just have
to throw a street party! please bring your hackeysacks, instruments,
sidewalk chalk, and lots of SIGNS -- cuz the media will be there, and it's
a great opportunity to let the Province (that is, Transportation Minister
Kevin Falcon and Gordon Campbell) know just who they are dealing with here.
Libby Davies is hosting this, and really it'll be much more of a rally than
a consultation. It's gonna be fun. There WILL be dinosaurs. Be there at
noon-12:30, with (bicycle) bells on!



The Provincial Liberal government is hard at work right now hashing
out the Gateway evil scheme to twin the Port Mann Bridge
and expand Highway #1 by 2 lanes, which will terminate at the 3 exits
onto Victoria Drive...dumping thousands more cars every day into East

Libby Davies (federal NDP MP), Shane Simpson (East Van's NDP
MLA), and in fact most of the municipalities are openly opposed to the
Gateway Project. This will be the first time a "public forum" has
been held in East Van.

The Gateway Project represents old-school planning at it's most
backward...we must speak up now and tell the Province that, yes, our
city has a traffic problem...TOO MANY CARS!

Please, come out and show the city, the province, and the media that
East Van is for people, not cars! It'll be fun. Seriously.


Libby Davies invites you to...

A public forum on Highway 1 Expansion

Saturday, 5 November 2005, 1-3pm
Grandview Baptist Calvary Church
1803 East 1st Ave (at Salsbury)

Meeting is in the lower hall. Wheelchair accessible via the 'kitchen
entrance' on north side. Parking on southwest corner of 1st and

Guest speakers:

Citizens Concerned with Highway Expansion
David Chudnovsky, MLA for Vancouver Kensington and NDP Transportation
Shane Simpson, MLA for Vancouver Hastings and NDP Environment Critic

Admission is free.

For more information, call 604--->>>775.5800
For info on the Highway Expansion check:


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