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Election Saturday 19 November

An "Exercise your franchise" reminder:
THIS Sat 19 November is municipal "E-Day"

If you're good to go, or don't care to vote---you need read no further.

IF you haven't yet decided who you might vote for and would like some
ideas, I offer the following information, which I hope you find helpful in
making your own choices:

I've already cast my ballots: mostly for COPE (including ALL the current
Councillors: Bass, Cadman, Louis, Roberts and Woodsworth), some Green
Party, a few Independents, and one Vision Vancouver; I did not use all of
my votes.

The majority of my information came from personal experience, word of mouth
from people I trust, and the areas listed below. If you're interested and
want more details, or care to pass on these links, follow on down.

With thanks to Richard, Neil, Jack and Amy for these bytes,

Vote "Yes" for Capital Borrowing
(Question 1. B which addresses Pedestrian and Cycling Facilities - $21.5 million)
** There is not a question on the ballot specifically for cycling and pedestrian facilities. The cycling and pedestrain facilities are contained in item
1. PUBLIC WORKS, which also includes Streets and Bridge Infrastructure,
Transit and Safety Improvements and Local Area Improvements.
All these items total $74 million.

There is no opportunity to for or against each item. The entire $74 must either be accepted or rejected. Get your friends out and vote for candidates that will make cycling better within this city. Also vote yes for the capital borrowing question.

While the VACC is disappointed that the City did not ask the residents of Vancouver to authorize borrowing of sufficient monies to complete the 1999 Bicycle Plan in the next 3 years, the VACC still supports question 1B on the referendum.


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