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velomutation 24th


VeloMutation:::::::Urban Bike Culture
VeloMutation:::::::the hottest Biker Party Vancouver has ever seen!
Saturday September 24th,
8pm til 2am,
at the PedalMetalStudios, 1132 Powell St (enter off Franklin)
Slinding door $5 to $25 ( turned away)
featuring Pink Noise, Channels 3 + 4, plus surprise guests.
Dj Tnt, Dj Bad, Corrior and Micheal Red.

MC3 will host mini bike races, tall bike stunting, relays, and other acts of daring bike skill and stupidity. Custom choppers, tall bikes and mini-bikes will be available for attending bikers to sample… making the contests inclusive and hilarious!

FixedVancouver, a loosely organized group of fixed-gear bike riders, will host contests of technical skill such as skid contests and track stands (balancing while stopped, with and without hands).

Urban Assault, redefiners of use for the city’s architecture, will build an obstacle course allowing riders to leap from warehouse to truck to ground!

Bike Art everywhere... bikers from the Collective present unique interactive bike visions such as the Amazing Pedal-Powered TANK, a pedal powered tower of light, multimedia projections, and courtesy of the Peoples Prom, come try out the famous ‘Makeout Chopper,’ a bicycle really built for two!

Flyers are available from Our Community Bikes. They are under the counter
there.... just ask someone who works there, and take a stack to give out.
Putting them in your local bike shops and coffee shops is also a great
idea. I have already done Main and Broadway, and the bikeshops on Broadway
between Cambie and Main, but that is it.

Promotion is pretty freakin important right now. Word of mouth is the best
way, and it is also really FUN. Promoting this party gives you the
opportunity to chat up ANY HOT BIKER that you see, regardless of whether
they are from a different kind of life/style or if they are just like you.

hope to see y'all at the SWAG session!


SWAG making party (with tea!) bring some IDEAS and come make patches,
articles of clothing, promo material, signs for the party, and other
VELOMUTATION related SWAG. (with tea!)

YOU CAN silkscreen ! embroider ! sew! draw ! stencil make ! or whatever
your little heart desires! If you don't want to make swag or art or
whatever but want to help out with the Party...come to Davids at 7pm and we
will give you a task or job or whatever

when: friday, september 16th @ 4pm- 8pm where- 66 East 15th Ave. ring ring
buzzer: d.grove

please RSVP or JUST SHOW UP. BRING a FRIEND if they wanna help out too.

Mr. David. Charles. Grove.


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