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festevil tuesday june 6

calling all noizicians & bikers & devil-may-caretakers...quiet giants

the site is up:

FestEVIL, Open Transnational Improvised Noize Fest
Vancouver Public Library & everywhere else
June 6/2006, 6:06:06 pm

if you are interested in helping, participating, or just giving
idears dears, email me. (if anyone has suggestions for power sources
i'd appreciate it. not necessary but would be nice. is pedal power
back from repairs?)

  • david suggested having ppl playing loud things being pulled in bike
    trailers. anyone up for that? he'll be needing someone to pull him as
  • redsara suggested dragging chains which i think is very good &
    tortured. think jacob marley.
  • robert suggested putting scads of metal spoons & bits in a trailer
    with a lopsided wheel so it slams regular-like.
  • i'm thinking 'just-married' style tin cans, cards in the spokes,
    crappy drivetrains, grindies of all kinds, xylophones, personal
    alarms, tape recorders, cymbals, harmonicas, whispers of revolution,
    bike theramins, hell anything really...



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