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Fwd: Fraser River coal port approval undermines Paris negotiations

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From: Laura Benson <>

This is an international embarrassment.

On the first day of global climate talks in Paris, Port Metro Vancouver
issued its second approval for the Fraser Surrey Docks coal port – setting
the stage for giant Panamax ships to travel up the Fraser River to load
dirty U.S. thermal coal for export to Asia.

The entire world is looking to Paris for meaningful action on climate
change, while at home in B.C. we're promoting the export of the world's
worst carbon fuel to Asia.

Our post-election hopes for positive change are being tarnished by the
cynical Conservative era appointees at Port Metro Vancouver. But there's
still a way to stop this project.

Public pressure is mounting for the port authority to put the proposal on
hold. Two weeks ago Delta MP Carla Qualtrough pledged to contact her cabinet
colleagues to ensure the Fraser Surrey Docks proposal doesn't go ahead
without a fair environmental assessment. In just three days, Dogwood
collected over 5,400 signatures to support her move.

The port leaders are feeling the heat and trying to sneak this one in under
the wire. We can't let them get away with a bogus Environmental Assessment
that ignores climate change and health impacts.

The Beyond Coal team is working to ensure federal and local officials take
action and reign in the rogue port authority, but we can't do it without

Laura Benson, on behalf of the Beyond Coal team

P.S. Like the National Energy Board, Port Metro Vancouver's leadership is
stacked with Conservative government appointees who refuse to accept that
we've moved into a new political era. It's up to us to make them clean up
their act. Please support our work today.


Dogwood Initiative - PO Box 8701 - Victoria, BC V8W3S3

"If you have two shirts in your closet, one belongs to you and the other to
the man with no shirt."
~St. Ambrose of Milan


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