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UK study on road deaths - driving, biking, walking very similar

OP33 Exposure-Based Assessment of Modal Travel Risk in England Using Routine Health Data -- Mindell et al. 66 (Suppl 1): A13 -- Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health

As of Mon Jan 21 2013 12:45:04 GMT-0500 (EST)


Fatalities per million hours' use (f/mhu) varied little (0.15-0.45f/mhu by mode for men, 0.09-0.31f/mhu for women).

Risks were similar for men aged 21-49 years for all three modes and for female pedestrians and drivers aged 21-69 years.

The group most at risk for each mode were:
 - male drivers aged 17-20 years (1.3f/mhu, 95% CI 1.2, 1.4);
 - male cyclists aged 70 years or older (2.2 f/mhu, 1.6, 3.0) and
 - female pedestrians aged 70 years or older (0.95 f/mhu, 0.86, 1.1).

In general, fatality rates were substantially higher amongst males than females, except for drivers aged 60 years or older.

Risks per hour for male drivers under 30 years were similar or higher than for male cyclists;
for 17-20 year olds the risk was higher for drivers (33/Bn km, 95% CI 30, 36; 1.3f/mhu, 1.2, 1.4) than cyclists (20/Bn km, 10, 37; 0.24f/mhu, 0.12, 0.45) using distance or time.

Males aged 17-20 years old face higher risks as drivers than as cyclists, and do not achieve better safety as drivers until over 30 years. Not making like-for-like comparisons sustains the misleading stereotype that cycling is relatively hazardous.


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