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[StopThePave] This Saturday: Rally and March for the Fraser Delta! Plus Pattullo Rally & More

(1) This Saturday: Rally and March for the Fraser Delta!
(2) Say Yes to better transit, and No to a 6-lane Pattullo Bridge – Sat June 23
(3) SFPR Occupation June 30

1. This Saturday: Rally and March for the Fraser Delta!

Driven by Gateway and the South Fraser Perimeter Road freeway, the
industrialization of farmland and wildlife habitat in the Fraser Delta
has reached a tipping point. Together with the provincial and federal
governments, global shipping companies and land speculators have big
plans for this region. The proposed Deltaport Terminal 2 would triple
container capacity. But that's just the start! A sprawling Free Trade
Zone (FTZ) stretching from the port causeway to Hwy 17 is planned:
with a huge railway switching yard, truck terminals, and warehouses.
The proposed FTZ also ties into YVR expansion and possible inland
terminals; extending the potential industrialization zone from Sea
Island to Barnston Island—and everything in between. And that is just
what we know about for sure.

What: Rally and March for the Fraser Delta
When: Saturday June 16, 1 pm
Where: Magee Park in Ladner (Delta), just south of Ladner Trunk Road &
Arthur Drive. (map)
Bring: Pots and pans to bang, signs and banners. Come early to help
set up the giant salmon puppet!

Easy access by transit, foot or bike. Parking nearby.

>>>  Coming from Vancouver by transit? Take the Canada Line to Bridgeport Station. The 12:30 pm #601 bus from Bridgeport Station Bay 7 takes you to Ladner and there is a bus stop right across the street from Magee Park (Arthur Drive & Ladner Trunk Road). You can also board this bus at Ladner Exchange at 12:52 pm. The #601 bus leaves Bridgeport Station every 30 min. on the hour and half hour.

Delta is the "eye of the hurricane" when it comes to:
industrialization of farmland, port expansion "a Port is Wall St. in
your community", loss of rights ie temp. migrant workers, pollution
and destruction of critical habitat, Foreign Trade Zone (Corporate
paradise from regulations) & freeway expansion, the continued
construction of the South Fraser Perimeter Freeway, taking up valuable
land & threatening Burns Bog.

We need to stand up and take action to protect the land and our community.
We say no more! See you June 16.

Sponsored by the Council of Canadians Delta-Richmond Chapter and grass
roots activists.
For more information contact: 604 946 0877 or email

Facebook link:
Leaflet PDF:


2. Say Yes to better transit, and No to a 6-lane Pattullo Bridge – Sat June 23

TransLink has announced the next round of 'what color do you want the
railings' "Public Consultations" on their 6-lane Pattullo Bridge
proposal. The New West Pattullo Group has called a rally for Saturday,
June 23 at 10 am at the Sapperton Pensioners Hall 318 Keary St., near
the Sapperton Skytrain Station, to let TransLink know how the people
of New Westminster feel about the 6-lane option, and the other options
that are not currently on the table. More details to follow.

Update: Surrey and New West residents want better transit, not a
6-lane Pattullo Bridge

The Surrey Citizens Transportation Initiative (CiTI) and New
Westminster Environmental Partners (NWEP) have developed a joint
statement calling for TransLink to improve transit instead of building
a new six-lane Pattullo Bridge.

"We need to put transit first when it comes to TransLink resources,
and there is nowhere for two extra lanes of traffic to go on the New
West side anyway" said Steve Burke, Surrey Citizens Transportation
Initiative spokesperson. "There is no division between our communities
about the basics, global warming and the end of cheap oil means we
need to focus on improving transit instead of roadway expansion for
cars and trucks."

"We are facing a period of change with high oil prices, economic
troubles, and demographic shifts, not to mention climate change.
Giving people south of the Fraser mobility options other than the
automobile is critical." said Reena Meijer Drees, president of New
Westminster Environmental Partners.

Full text at


3. SFPR Occupation June 30

An occupation of the South Fraser Perimeter Road project in Surrey is
being organized, beginning June 30 at 1:30 pm. For details check
facebook at

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