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Tonight! Fwd: Pots & Pans show of solidarity in Roberts Creek - May 30th at 8 pm

Sunshine Coasters - Let's show some solidarity with 35 Canadian cities
and towns (and counting) and meet tomorrow night at the Roberts Creek
Hall at 8 pm and go for a pots and pans walk ~ can anyone film?

I am personally appalled by Law 78, in particular: The law restricts
freedom of assembly, protest, or picketing on or near university
grounds, and anywhere in Quebec without prior police approval. The law
also places restrictions upon education employees right to strike.
This affects many and I feel the implications are far reaching.

P.S. Please accept my apologizes if you do not wish to receive this
kind of email and let me know for future reference!


from Casseroles Canada...
We're inspired by the Quebec student strike and the popular uprising
in Quebec against Law 78 and the Charest government, so ...

On Wednesday, May 30, starting at 8pm, people from coast to coast to
coast all over Canada are showing solidarity by banging pots and pans

This will be the first of many casseroles nights across Canada. Once
Quebec student students stop the tuition hike and Law 78, we're all
going to Stop Harper together!


Facebook invite for the Sunshine Coast:!/events/370568086336128/

Facebook invite for Vancouver:

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Have you seen this video? A simple, beautiful act.

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