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[VACC] Repost with Link - Myths about density, bicycling rate, and more

Interesting stuff on the VACC discussion list:

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The key to this item was a graph that apparently doesn't display properly on some email lists.  So here is a link where you can see it clearly, along with the balance of Hembrow's article:



Some interesting analysis from David Hembrow.  This may be of particular importance in Vancouver, where something of a stampede towards density outside of the city core seems to be in the offing.

It may be that there is a minimum, but fairly low, level of density that is necessary both for cycling and transit.  However once that basic level is reached it is not at all clear that increasing the density pays any dividends at all.  So before we destroy too many communities in the course of

'densifying and greening' the city we might want to step back and make sure that the basis of these actions is really valid.  And that we are not just being seduced by the sweet songs of Developers and their 'Fellow Travelers'.




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