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More 'Lymp-ics Links

This is an important video to watch given the overwhelming spin on these events in the mass media:So I guess RIOT 2010 happened this morning after all? I guess you've got to take the writing on the wall seriously then.

Anyway, here are some links to up to date news, I've found the main Olympic Resistance website pretty slow to update. Also, a favourite magazine of mine (when it was still printed) Only has some pretty decent coverage (actually that is where I saw some of the opening ceremonies) I will admit to being impressed that they recruited Shane Koyczan. That's a more locally connected performer than I would have expected. Rowan who actually made the first Vancouver Critical Mass web page that I took over knows? Shane. I've seen him preform at the W.I.S.E. hall and maybe Cafe Duex Soleil - I wouldn't be surprised if the WISE hall event was one of Rowan's Living Closet or an Artists Against War events... though I can't remember - does any other veteran of post-CM events know?

However, his poem was far too Nationalistic for my tastes. It isn't inherently different from those the Molson "I am Canadian" ads. Slightly better, but that may be negated if it catches on and gets oft-repeated the way the Molson ad did.

There is a new thing called Vancouver Media Coop which is quite exciting. I don't know the story of it. Maybe fill the hole left by Vancouver Indymedia? Looks like a pretty radical group, of maybe that's just the submissions. Its seems at first glance a lot better put together front page than IMC was - I think people expect more of the web nowadays. I wonder if this group will continue after the Olympics - boy howdy do we ever need more of that here in gentrified Vancouver!

This guy lost his job just for knowing Chris Shaw!

There was a flashmob on Robson that was threatening to be a great unpermitted street party - but sadly it was far too depoliticised and the red mittens hadn't much irony to them. Ah well, fun was had.

And the ubiquitous twitter feeds. I'll admit to being pretty naive about twitter, facebook and all the newfangled big brother web 2.umm whatever stuff. I've been avoiding it. Please write me some better links if you know better on that topic.

surprisingly this isn't bad:

The stuff that has a sense of humour to it is what keeps me going. Bitter but funny. Funny sarcastic comments at Vancouver Sun website.

PS you don't have to loath the Olympics like I do to enjoy Critical Mass. CM has all sorts of people on it. (Including those who haven't paid enough attention to this 8 Billion dollar boondoggle that will bite us for many, many more years) I'm just sayin' that because I know my posts are slightly off topic technically. But hey, start your own CM blog! I'll link to you too ;-)

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