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Love Ride 15th, People's Prom tonight

Hey, I don't know much about this but it sounds fun:

Says it aims to be between Midnight Mass and CM in style. Not sure what that means? I do hope people put some thought into being slightly organised. (Here follows my pro-corking tirade, I have no reason to think the organisers don't already know this, I just like repeating myself ;-)) It may seem a hassle to be pro-active about corking but it is really really worthwhile, doesn't take a lot of effort, and corking is fun anyway because you get to talk to strangers who are 95% of the time nice or interesting. And it keeps the ride together which is SO important for safety. If the choice is between being a total individualist and have to be super vigilant about every car/danger and riding together and having some look out for each other so you can have some spare attention to pay to other riders/the city --- I'd choose riding together every time.

Also, drinking and riding is a fun idea (ie I'd rather be a drunken cyclist than a designated driver) but not a safe or bright idea - especially when some people are not familiar with each other ---such as in this kind of publically announced ride. People in our community have been seriously injured riding drunk! Yes, you are not the danger to others that driving a car is - but I don't want to see cyclists hurt either. So please be sensible and maybe wait until the end of the ride for libation. Watch out for each other and all will be well.

That time of year again, the People's Prom is tonight. The funraising is for anti-olympic efforts this time. Haven't heard too much about it because it always sells out so I think they don't bother with much advertising. I don't know if tickets are left. They were sold at OCB as well as places on the drive but maybe not on this day of the event? Go early if you want to get in then.


Great Women's March today.


Hey, check out this new blog I only just discovered. Kinda pixelated graphics? A nifty blog nonetheless. They aren't taking sides on the o'lympdics -- but they are posting good information you don't find elsewhere. New blog for the blogroll :)


Hey, did you notice that Micheal Bluejay's worldwide Critical Mass hub has ended. :-( Too bad, it was a great resource and he did a lot of good work for 10 years. Makes me feel old that I remember CM blogging when his site first existed. Thanks Micheal! So the wikia is the global resource now I guess. C'mon people the Vancouver page is blank! I'll get a start on that today but please sign up for wikia and add to it!


Police agreed to a 45ft Banner Drop from Cambie Bridge. Good for them and everyone, maybe the issue of Homelessness will make the Sports TV news ;-p


I must confess: I am drawn to this Olympic attraction: free zip line over robson.

So much so that I hesitated posting it here selfishly because I don't want to increase the length of the lineup. Has anyone tried this? Is there a lineup? Is it worth it? (free) Can anyone go? (ie, my senior citizen dad? my baby?) Grrr... Olympics. At least its free. I guess I just like heights and to get that unique perspective of the city. Maybe I'll unfurl an anti-olympic banner as I zip down ;-)

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