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Burrard Bridge Trial Open House - Saturday


Please come out and show your support for the Burrard Bridge Trial at the
City of Vancouver's open house. After 15 years it is time to settle the
debate once and for all. The trial is the only way to do that. We need to
make Burrard Bridge safer to walk and cycle over now.

A two lane trial is needed so there can be a barrier between cyclists and
the high speed traffic on the bridge and so faster cyclists can past slower
cyclists on the long uphill sections. It will be a bridge that everyone
from eight to eighty will love cycling over. A one lane trial would only
have a narrow bike lane that would not be separated from traffic and would
not have passing space. It would likely be worse than riding on the
sidewalk and not attract new cyclists.

With the bike lanes between the sidewalk and the traffic and no bikes to
worry about, Burrard Bridge will be a joy to walk over and enjoy the great

See the FAQ for more



From <>

Open House: Burrard Bridge Bicycle Lane Trial
Come out to an open house to discuss a trial re-allocation of one or two
lanes on the Burrard Bridge to create improved cycling and walking
facilities on the bridge:
Saturday, January 31 from 2 - 5 pm at the Roundhouse Community Centre,
Great Hall Pacific Boulevard and Davie Street.
The council minutes:
The Burrard Bridge Two Lane Trial Facebook Group
Show your support for the trial, Join the I Support The Burrard Bridge Two
Lane Trial Facebook group:
FAQ From the Friends of Burrard Bridge
Burrard Bridge Two Lane Trial FAQ:
Contact Mayor and Council
Please send e-mails in support of the two lane trial to Mayor and Council.

Or give them a call:


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