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"Transit Not Gateway" Action

Sunday December 7th: Global Day of Action on Climate Crisis

Join us on Sunday December 7 at 10:30 am near the Scott Road SkyTrain
station for a creative action against the provincial Gateway Highway
Expansion Project and in support of better public transit. The action will
illustrate our demand for better transit service, instead of destructive
freeways, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

WHAT: With the support of
<>, an informal coalition of
greater Vancouver residents organizing in opposition to the Gateway freeway
projects, this event will feature symbolic action related to Gateway and
climate change.

WHERE: Beginning on the overpass over the King George Highway from the
Scott Road SkyTrain station (just exit the station to the east, and follow
the footpath east and then north - about five minutes). The address is 126A
St. & King George Highway in Surrey.

See Map

BRING: Water resistant footwear if you want to tour the proposed route of
the South Fraser Freeway through Bridgeview after the action. Signs related
to the climate crisis, Gateway and transit would be appreciated.

For more information contact

For information on the Sunday December 7 Global Day of Action see

For more information about The Gateway Project visit


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