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Last Minute Vision Vancouver Nomination

Hey, if you have a Vision Membership you should go Vote Today at Tupper School before 7 pm.

I'm not going to get into all the politics -- except I'm very glad to say that COPE/Green/Vision formed an alliance. CM is of course not a formal organisation and these recommendations are in no way representative of anything but my own (Rusl's) opinion. If people have voting recommendations for COPE or Green or even the NPA please write comments or possibly submit a whole post. I'm not really up to date on everything around the city but I have been following the Vision race a bit through some people I know. Also if you have more Vision suggestions/disagreements please make them in the comments. Politics is messy business, and it requires lots of discussion/being wrong/mess!

OK, apparently you have to vote for an entire Vision Slate otherwise your ballot (for the nomination) is considered spoiled. I disagree with that policy but anyway...

I don't know enough about everyone to make a full slate recommendation. If you do - make it!

OK finally: I've got 4 specific recommendations to make and will let you choose the rest. These are all based on bike/car-free thinking:

Rusl thinks it would behoove you to vote for (nominate) these people:

City Council:
David Eby - PIVOT Legal (Homelessness, DTES issues) guy, he helped arrange our use of their space for the Bicycle Bee event and also has publically said he thinks that things like CM are good and important for our city.
Andrea Reimer - famously Green, and Carmen Mills, the queen of Vancouver Car-Free Commercial Drive festival/ Momentum founder/ longtime bike community engine, is her campaign manager.

Parks Board:

Rob Wynen - longtime CM activist (since the 90s) and solid car-free advocate as part of West End Residence Association.
Sarah Blyth - Skateboard advocate and Momentum Magazine contributer.

Of course there are tons of good people I've missed including also in other parties, please write comments if you have ideas.

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  • At 5:38 pm, September 20, 2008, Blogger Chris said…

    David Eby and Andrea Reimer are both great choices for cycling advocates. David Eby was featured in this month's Momentum magazine.

  • At 1:59 am, September 21, 2008, Blogger VanCM Blogger said…

    Dear Vision supporters -

    Here are the voting results from today's candidate selection vote. Thank you to the more than 4000 people who came out to vote today - it was great to see so much excitement going into the election in November!

    There will be recounts to confirm the results from council and school board for the final positions. For council, Kashmir Dhaliwal was eighth, and David Eby was ninth. For school board, Ken Clement was fourth, and Stepan Vdovine fifth.

    City Council Results - Top eight are candidates in November

    Adams Kolber Vaune 1031
    Bencze Doug 724
    Chow George 3248
    Deal Heather 3704
    Dewberry Andrew 762
    Dhaliwal Kashmir 2240
    Douzenis Demitri 1094
    Eby David 2223
    Evans Catherine 1717
    Harrison Heather 2034
    Jang Kerry 2387
    Lam Ray 1127
    Louie Raymond 3746
    Meggs Geoff 2851
    Reimer Andrea 2988
    Stevenson Tim 3271
    Umlas Rey 1217

    School Board Results - Top four are candidates in November
    Bacchus Patti 2053
    Chhina Narinder 1881
    Clement Kenneth 1962
    Gregson Sharon E. 2969
    Lombardi Mike 2177
    Luke Helesia 1846
    Mirras Anastasia 1574
    Vdovine Stepan 1954

    Park Board Results - Top four are candidates in November
    Barnes Constance 2242
    Blyth Sarah 2602
    Ditmars Hadani 834
    Gill James 1261
    Hundal Raj 1963
    Jasper Aaron 1999
    Kosovic Tony 1453
    Lockhart Thomas 389
    Neilson Kevin 788
    Tannock Steven 368
    Waddell Ian 1738
    Wynen Rob 983

  • At 2:26 am, September 21, 2008, Blogger VanCM Blogger said…

    Now sorted

    November City Council Results - Top eight are candidates in
    3746 Louie Raymond
    3704 Deal Heather
    3271 Stevenson Tim
    3248 Chow George
    2988 Reimer Andrea
    2851 Meggs Geoff
    2387 Jang Kerry
    2240 Dhaliwal Kashmir
    2223 Eby David
    2034 Harrison Heather
    1717 Evans Catherine
    1217 Umlas Rey
    1127 Lam Ray
    1094 Douzenis Demitri
    1031 Adams Kolber Vaune
    0762 Dewberry Andrew
    0724 Bencze Doug

    November School Board Results - Top four are candidates in
    2969 Gregson Sharon E.
    2177 Lombardi Mike
    2053 Bacchus Patti
    1962 Clement Kenneth
    1954 Vdovine Stepan
    1881 Chhina Narinder
    1846 Luke Helesia
    1574 Mirras Anastasia

    November Park Board Results - Top four are candidates in
    2602 Blyth Sarah
    2242 Barnes Constance
    1999 Jasper Aaron
    1963 Hundal Raj
    1738 Waddell Ian
    1453 Kosovic Tony
    1261 Gill James
    0983 Wynen Rob
    0834 Ditmars Hadani
    0788 Neilson Kevin
    0389 Lockhart Thomas
    0368 Tannock Steven

    (hey geeks, the unix command I used was
    awk '{print $NF " "$0}' Desktop/*.vision.results | awk '{ $NF = ""; print }' |sort -r > Desktop/Vision.Results.sorted)

  • At 2:33 am, September 21, 2008, Blogger VanCM Blogger said…

    I had to manually add the preceding zeros (I could have figured it out eventually but sometimes the benefit of automation isn't worth the learning curve)


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