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Important - Please vote for UBC Farm! Deadline Today!

Hey friends, sorry to spam you with this, but I wanted to send this announcement out far and wide - please please please click on the link below and vote for the UBC Farm! It will only take you a few seconds. We are at 927 votes and are hoping to reach 1000 by the deadline tomorrow. Some of you may know that the future of the farm is in serious danger, and we hope that by getting 1000 votes in this contest we can show UBC how important the farm is to the community. So please give us 5 stars, and please pass this on to any friends/mailing lists. Friday is the last day to vote, so click the link now! Thanks for your help :) Jen

LAST CHANCE: Green Your Campbell Cash & Vote for the UBC Farm!

If you haven't had the chance to vote for the farm in the Tyee's Green your Campbell Cash competition, now is the time! Tomorrow is the last day to vote! Especially with the tone of the op-ed piece that UBC published in the Vancouver Sun this Tuesday, it is absolutely vital that we send them a clear signal that this place really matters to people. Please click on the link below to give the farm your five stars! Thank you!



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