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Friday - Pirate Party after CM -

~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ Friday, May 30
~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~ Anza Club

This month it is the Bike To Work week after party and a Free Geek Fundraiser.

hope ta see ya there

Aaar! Heyho! Them black storm clouds have parted and the seas of asphalt are looking mighty slick for sailin. In high tradition, this coming Critical Mass (starting at the VAG at 6pm, Friday May 30) will be rolling with seafaring cyclists, one-eyed and peg legged pedalers, big bicycle booty, and bird fights between parrots and fine maidens. Oi! X marks the after party -- *Velofusion* will be a fantasy deserted Anza island of Free Geeks, Bike to Work lovers, sexy sailors, that pirate stomping dance floor, Mexican wrestlers, circus strays and cold, foamy pints. There'll be little left of y'all for them bone pickin gulls when we turn you onto the dark decks after this party. Come in costume, of course, mates.

We've got films, *Creaking Planks*, freaky performances (we're not kidding about the *Mexican Wrestlers*) and yer favorite deck swabber, pint tipper *DJ Timothy Wisdom*.

*Doors at 8pm -- da program starts at 8:30
Anza Club -- W 8th at Ontario
Come with Critical Mass -- $5, come late -- $10*

Cheers Buccaneers!

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