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Yes, we ride the last Friday of every month!


ride warm critical mass novemburrrr

it's that time of the month again! finally
celebrate the last great big ride of the year
cycle, skate, walk, run, swim but don't drive to
critical mass novembrrr
friday, nov 30, 2007
gather starting at 5pm
departing at 6pm, to heat up the night
from downtown vancouver at The art gallery lions side

this city is what we share with each other
let's keep it public and imaginative
and work to make it safer to just be in the streets
by just riding, warm together, redeeming our common ground

this month a theme of the ride will be our forests!
(see following post and comments)
dress up as a tree! put boughs from (already fallen) trees on your bicycle... wear green, yellow, red or brown.

pre-rides to downtown together
  • meet at UBC SUB bike kitchen 604-82-SPEED at 4pm
  • grandview park commercial drive 4:30pm
  • where you and your friends gather!
Critical Mass grows when YOU invite people to it and
when we talk to pedestrians and drivers that we encounter
on the ride: we talk to each other about what our passion
and what our truths are. We are strong in one another.
So speak up and ride free!



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