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bc transport budget planning

this is the final report in PDF of the BC budget consultation, that we asked you to engage in against the gateway last month.

Some good things got in there: Starting around printed page 14 (26 of 114 on the pdf) is the transport stuff, and the cycling is on page 16 (28 pdf). Not much though. Rail for the Valley was quoted!

Stuff about Gateway on page 47 (59 pdf) and Tannis was quoted! Despite 3 of 4 insightful comments - (including by someone supporting Gateway), their conclusion on page 48 (pdf 60) to continue to make "strategic investments" in Gateway is assinine and appears to not be based in reason, coming out of nowhere according to this report. A bit of a sham really, but we knew that when we started. And, it is good to see a bit of dissent recorded officially -- and, the lack of official logic is laid bare.

So, I suppose one good next step in the case of this is to make sure MLAs and the media read the good parts (that don't make it to the summary) on the pages I've mentioned. Write a letter to your MLA or media today! (quote them the report)

While the provincial government's strategy has been to defy the overwhelming opposition (including municipal governments region wide) with nonsense by pretending it is already a done deal, all along (even before they started proposing it!)... Well, don't take the BS too seriously because it's a trick. We can and will stop this, but we still have to do a lot of work to get there.

Another common myth is that "the majority drives cars" and so are in favour of this expansion. So far, with millions and millions of dollars and control of government and corporate media --- all of that and the supposed truth has yet to be demonstrated. Many who drive are in fact quite well informed on this issue and have opposed this project a long time. Also, many people don't drive, or don't drive much - a number far greater than politicians think as has been proven in scientific studies. (See Bike Cult, David B. Perry) Sure, in some areas of Surrey, there is some signifigant support for the project. But that support is the exception. The great overwhelming majority that wants to kill the environment simply doesn't exist, fake PR 'polling' data notwithstanding. What it comes down to is people like you and I. We all make mistakes sometimes and can be confused by people who are trying to trick us, but in the end if we work together and spread accurate information then the truth will prevail! Yes, it is possible!

Take care and take that lane!

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