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Halloween Skytrain Party - Friday October 26

If any CM folks out there are interested in carrying on the transportation revolution after the ride this Friday... why not steer your two-wheeler towards VCC Clark Station and consider joining us for a Halloween Skytrain Party!

Here's the details:

Hold this date: Friday October 26 @ 8:45pm

Hey everybody – get out your pens and mark your calendars. Get out your fun fur and get sewing… Halloween is just around the corner and to celebrate this most auspicious of occasions the Vancouver Public Space Network is throwing a Skytrain Party!

Join us on Friday, October 26 at 8:45pm at VCC Clark Station and ride the crazy train round the loop to a top-secret public space location. Your trip on board the Disorient Express will feature excellent music, snappy decorations and a cool, crisp sightseeing tour of almost every skytrain station in the Lower Mainland. All for the price of a transit ticket! And after you disembark… we’ll take it up another notch. Oh yes. It’ll be good.

So get your costume planning into high gear and help to turn the Millenium Line into a Crazy Train. Dress the occasion and get ready to ride the rails. And be sure to pass the word on and tell all your friends.

More information available at:

Pictures of last years robot skytrain party to inspire you:

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