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Resistance to corporate invasion of indigenous territories!

A event featuring Ward Churchill and a report back from the Intercontinental Indigenous gathering in Sonora Mexico.

Sunday, October 28th 6pm Ukrainian Hall 154 E.10th Ave.

A night of speakers and solidarity to support the Ward Churchill Legal Defense Fund and local anti-Olympic struggles!

WARD CHURCHILL: Ward Churchill (Keetoowah Band Cherokee) is one of the most outspoken of Native American activists and scholars in North America and a leading analyst of indigenous issues. He is former tenured Professor of Ethic Studies and Coordinator of American Indian Studies at the University of Colorado, fired in retaliation for the exercise of his First Amendment-protected speech and in violation of the doctrine of Academic Freedom.

KANAHUS PELLKEY: Kanahus Pellkey is a Secwepemc & Ktnuxa. She is a Warrior and spokesperson for the Native Youth Movement. She is a community organizer, and has worked with many Indigenous Nations throughout Turtle Island.

GORD HILL: Gord Hill is a member of the Kwakwaka'wakw Nation. He is an artist and organizer who has been active with the Native Youth Movement, the Sutikalh Camp and other groups. He is an activist with the Anti-Colonial/Anti-Capitalist Convergence against the 2010 Winter Olympics.

JILL CHETTIAR: Jill Chettiar is an organizer with the Anti-Poverty Committee in Vancouver. She has been working on struggles for housing and welfare justice and does support work for sex workers rights organizations.

Suggested donations $5 - $20 All proceeds go to Ward Churchill's Legal Defense Fund and local anti-Olympic struggles



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