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Surrey Critical Mass Conspire

Stick it to the Mann!

...first Critical Mass ride in Surrey (in this case, North Surrey).

The date and time is set for 3:30pm on Saturday March 24, rain or shine,meeting in the plaza outside the Central City tower (the big tower at Surrey Central Skytrain). There is a VACC meeting that ends at 3pm just across the street in the Rec Centre building.

If you'd like to discuss how to advertise in Surrey for Surreyites; safety issues; route no-nos; and so on, please show up if you are available at my friend Lyle's apartment, this Sunday (March 4th) at 5pm for an hour-long super-efficient meeting. (Okay, might go for an hour and a half!) Coffee will be provided; bring your own snacks (or snacks to share).
The address is: Apt/buzzer #305,
at 1856 on Frances street
(between Victoria and Salsbury)
in Vancouver
Please call me on my cell: 604=725:4743 if you have questions or trouble finding the place. You can also forward this message to other cyclists who you know would like to be involved in the planning arena. You may also RSVP to my email if you'd like!

Thank you,

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