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Anti-Olympix Rally

In is astounding that more highways are being built and elite only development when we are facing Global Climate Change. 4 year countdown until the Olympics is behind us! Like I said in 2003 when the vote was in Vancouver: 7 years of bad luck. But wouldn't it be amazing if Vancouver was the first city to SHUT DOWN the corporate Olympics!? We've already wasted a lot of money and build one more motorway, but it's never too late. The lies about 'green' Olympics are wearing thin. They couldn't win another referendum today.
Monday Feb. 12 @ 12 noon,
at Vancouver Art Gallery

Olympic organizers will be unveiling a 3-year 'Countdown Clock' to 2010 Winter Games. The event will be broadcast live on CTV from 12 noon to 1 PM. This is a prime opportunity to publicly oppose 2010 Corporate Invasion & dislocation of urban poor, Indigenous peoples, etc.

Please distribute to your networks.

There will also be an anti-olympic organizing meeting
Monday Feb 12 at 7 PM, 327 Carrall St. in Vancouver.


Homelessness, Ecological Destruction, Corporate lnvasion of Native lands, Huge Profits for Corporations, Massive Public Debt, Increased Police Repression & Surveillance... Let's Stand Together & Show The World There Is NO TIME for the Olympics!

Protest Against Olympic 'Countdown Clock' On Feb. 12th, 2007 VANOC (Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee) will Begin a 3-Year 'Countdown Clock' to the 2010 Winter Olympics

Already, 2010 has caused: Homelessness & Poverty (100's evicted as low-income hotels close for tourism) Environmental Destruction (logging & blasting the Earth for Hwy. expansion, new roads, & facilities for events) Imprisonment of Squamish Elder (in January, 2007, Harriet Nahanee-- in her '70s-- was sentenced to 14 days in jail for protesting highway expansion at Eagle Ridge in N. Vancouver, May 2006).

Speakers & Drummers from Secwepemc, St'at'imc & Lil'wat, Native Youth Movement, Anti-Poverty Committee, No One ls Illegal, DERA, Wild Earth, SF-PIRG, and Others. Bring Drums & Noise-makers.



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