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Perpetual Motion Roadshow #40 this Saturday, plus other choice selections

A belated happy Twelfth Night to all you fine folks. I would like to invite you this Saturday night, January the 13th, to the 40th grand installment of the Perpetual Motion Roadshow (, that monthly small press indie culture DIY tour circuit. From 7-9 pm it runs at my favourite haunt, Spartacus Books (319 W. Hastings at Cambie, upstairs), featuring performances by a bevy of talented individuals: music from LISA DEWEY (San Jose); poetry from JANE ORMEROD (NYC) and SHANNON MAGUIRE, who I've been trying to put on a stage here for a year and a half; and (sit down) two different sets of PUPPETRY, one from J-RAY (last presented abbreviating Ionesco plays), the other from ex-Subgenius California street performer Janor Hypercleats aka MR. TV. Admission is by donation, and where else are you going to catch two sets of puppets this weekend?
I would like to invite you to more events. I would like to invite you to my guest-hosted "57 Varieties" open stage / variety show the following Friday, January 19th, but before that I would like to let you know about...

a fundraiser for the Heart of the World tonight, Tuesday, January 9th! In short, the HotW is a venture to purchase the Raja theatre on the Drive and convert it into an accessible performing arts space / repertory theatre. To accomplish this, they need to raise a lot of money by the end of this week, ideally in the form of $200 refundable shares. If you can't free up such a massive chunk of change, perhaps you would feel better about putting $5 toward it in the form of admission to tonight's acoustic music performance / concert footage screening at the Media Club (695 Cambie) by Joel Flynn of the karmafia.

Alternately, OneCoolWord magazine is throwing a fundraiser at Cafe Deux Soleils (2096 Commercial Drive) tonight starting at 8:30 pm; entrance is $5 and includes performances by Jeffrey Laing, Gena Perala, The Wind Whistles and The Svelte Ms. Spelt. So many good causes, so little time.

(Yet) another fundraiser for a different cause goes on starting at 8 pm Friday, January 12th: the musical kids of Greenbelt hope to raise some money to record an album by performing music (back in the day we called these "concerts") in tandem with Collapsing Opposites, Wintermitts, OK Vancouver OK, Bedrooms of a Nation, and Sean Wesley Wood and the Vancouver Vipers. They ask $5, which is already less than a dollar per band, plus promise a dance party afterwards. The venue is located at 3596 Windsor at the corner of 20th, and they ask that you enter from the 20th Ave. entrance.

My last plug is for a sorely-needed additional venue for verbal outbursts -- poetry overflow runoff at the Main Street Slam, launching 8:30 pm January 30th at the Cottage Bistro (4468 Main). Rumour has it they aim to dispense with the decadent American Idol trappings of the mainstream slam scene, scrapping the tournament ladders and regulations, restoring unruly spoken word to a more primal form. Keep your ears peeled.


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  • At 12:40 am, January 11, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I guess you're on my list -- thanks for spreading the word! Because it's a different set of performers each time around, promoting the Roadshow is an uphill battle each month. Every little bit extra is much appreciated.

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