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China Creek Needs You!

The fabulous Pedal Revolutionary Radio blog has some great information and the picture on this issue.

from The Nerve magazine:
If you cycle the 10th ave bike route past Clark, chances are you've been to China Creek and already know what's been going on. It's a classic example of us not being taken seriously and it's complete horseshit. Maybe you've been going to the meetings for the last... what... two years now? Or maybe you only made it to the last one when Vancouver parks planner Michel Desrochers announced that he's going to recommend to the Parks Board that they bulldoze the oldest skatepark in Vancouver. A park that gets used on a daily basis by skateboarders and cyclists of all ages and skill levels. The planners will be presenting their recommendation to city council in early December and a decision will be made within the first couple months 2007. Now would be a great time to let our park board commissioners know what you think:

So whether you're long burnt out on the process by now or are just getting involved at the 11th hour, take the time to send a few e-mails. Skateboarding was, is, and always should be punk rock... and China Creek is as punk rock as skateparks come. Don't let it go without raising some shit. - Jeff Chan (

If you want to do more than just lobby, hook up with the Vancouver Skateboarding Coalition.


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