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Tim Harvey, zero-emissions world traveller

Homecoming Ride - Sunday, November 12, 2006
10 am - Science World
finishing at 12 noon - Planetarium at Vanier Park

On Sunday, November 12th, join zero-emissions traveller Tim Harvey when he completes a round-the-world endurance expedition, cycling into Vancouver after 893 days away from home.

Friends, supporters and the public are invited to meet Harvey at 10 a.m. outside Vancouver's Science World for a two-hour ride around the seawall – rain or shine – finishing outside the Planetarium in Vanier Park at 12 noon, where the press is invited to speak with Harvey.

Since departing Vancouver on June 1st, 2004, Harvey has shared his story through newspaper and magazine writing, radio, television and the internet in Canada and throughout the world, in a tireless effort to promote low-emission lifestyles as a solution to climate change. Canadians know Harvey best from frequent interviews on CBC Radio’s As It Happens and travel dispatches written for the Edmonton Journal and Vancouver Sun. Watch CBC-TV profile on Tim.

“To be arriving home after such an arduous journey – and so many close brushes with death – gives me a sense of achievement and also an immense feeling of relief,” Harvey said. “A string of frightening incidents early in the journey honed my survival skills so I could make it home alive. I feel so lucky to be here now.”

More information: kathy -at- harbourpublishing -dot- com or check out Tim's website.


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