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Yes, we ride the last Friday of every month!


Pedal Revolutionary Radio Show needs your $upport

Until the end of this Friday, CiTR is having its first-ever funding drive (er, ride?).

Please support your hardworking neighbourhood radio bikers. Your donations will mean new equipment for the station, socks for the orphans, & will send a clear message to CiTR that our show has actual real humans listening out there who love bikes.

Our show has been around for 6 years now. It's time to give us some sugar!

But how, you ask? Until the end of Friday Nov. 24th, we can take Visa, Mastercard, check, money order or CASH, the tuber of all evil. We'll take all the evil you can spare.

Phone: 604.822.8648 or 604.822.1242 between 10am-8pm.

Online: Log onto our secure site at

In Person: head to Critical Mass, Fri Nov. 24at the Vancouver Art Gallery (Georgia St. side). Between 5:30-6pm I'll be by the stairs on the red mini bike with the gorilla banana seat. You can also drop by CiTR between now & Friday, 10am-8pm #233-6138 SUB Blvd., Students Union Building on the UBC campus.

We never axed you for nuthin before. Except for your ears, & those just get you into trouble anyway. Help us bring you the love, all six of you. Hi mom.


Bob Alstead will be joining us in the studio. We like Bob. He's the director of You Never Bike Alone, the feature documentary about Vancouver's bike scene, struggles & all-around hotness. It premieres this Sunday, Nov. 26, 2pm at the Rio (1660 E. Broadway at Commercial). We gots tickets to give away on-air.

"You've seen them taking back the streets - a flowing mass of self-propelled humanity on bikes, boards, and blades. Riding in Critical Mass, the World Naked Bike Ride, the Wholesome Undie, on freak bikes, on mini bikes. Riding for the planet, riding for themselves. Cycling's sub-culture is surfacing. But are city planners driving its people in the opposite direction? Find out who's winning the struggle to shape the future face of Vancouver in the 80-minute documentary You Never Bike Alone."

Check out his website at

Check out ours at

And ride like it's goin outta style.



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