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Church of Pointless Consumerism

No holiday season is complete without the righteous word!
Apologies if it's old news; please circulate otherwise!
~ CHristine :-)

The Church of Pointless Consumerism has rolled into town! The much anticipated hilarious, satirical, musical theatre extravaganza produced by the movers and shakers of the Work Less Party has set a date. The gospel and fervor will be spreading through December 15th, 16th and 17th 2006 at the Cambrian Hall in Vancouver (215 E 17th at Main), show at 8pm. Advance tickets ($10-$15 sliding scale) are available at the Veggie Resource Centre, 2250 Commercial Drive or online at

Traveling evangelist, Peter Proffet the Prophet of Profit, along with his gospel choir are fully prepared to storm the city of Vancouver with the good words of Consumerism, Production, and more, more, MORE! The message will stir the congregation of faithful customers, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee of conversion for the * gasp * skeptics among us.

With wild sing-a-long musical numbers, dance routines and faith healing, The Church of Pointless Consumerism comes in a sexy package of enlightening, entertaining, down-home religious rejuvenation. The Work Less Party proudly stages the sarcastic musical performance this shopping season, a christmas pageant that will have viewers on the edge of their pews. Praise Money!

The show will be followed at 9:30 by the 'End of the world after party'. Tickets $5 at the door. Come dressed up in what you were wearing when the planet exploded.
Those who don't
Want to change,
Let them sleep.


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