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Protect the Ontario Bikeway from Car Traffic, Salisbury Cob House

"the developer has won the right once more to develop and at this point the
rest of us have very little other options as he is still refusing to sell
the garden to allow it to become a PArk. maByE IF WE GARNER ENOUGH
ATTENTION WE STILL MIGHT have a have this garden for all of
us, once and for all. If this DOes not happen you might want to consider
visiting the garden one last time and certainly for this upcoming eVEnt as
you will be able to share the moment with other fellow garden lovers. I,
indeed, have loved that garden deeply and with great gratitude and
peacefullness. I AM sad...but one never knows what may happen if we
continue to show our love of that space...we shall see."
~ former tennant katie rose


What Matters to You?
Join us in an important community action at the Salsbury Garden

Creatively share your wishes, your memories and your stories about this
unique and treasured place in our neighborhood, along with your neighbors.
Come and appreciate the Salsbury Garden while it still exists: it may not
for much longer.

Wednesday October 4th, 5pm to 7pm At the corner of Napier Drive and
Salsbury Avenue

Your presence at this action is important! Send a strong message to the
City that we care about green space in our community. Spread the word.
Media have been invited. Bring writing and /or art-making materials to share.
Friends of Salsbury Garden Contact 604:253=6281 or 604:253=4994 for more
background info:
"a house with a beautiful and historic garden (100 years old!) and a tiny
elf-sized cob house built in the corner of the garden... developers have
bought the land and want to tear down this historic landmark. There is a
petition going around town (and around the internet) that you can sign.
check the website at <a
den</a> for more info."

<a href="">a
picture of the Cob House:



There are several proposed developments along the Ontario Bikeway that
could potentially add a lot of car traffic to the Bikeway and make it more
dangerous for people to cycle on. These proposed developments include:
Southeast False Creek (3000cars/day) - The Olympic Venue and Legacy
Facility at Hillcrest Park - The Canadian Tire at SW Marine and Ontario

The current plans for the "sustainable community' in Southeast False Creek
involve allowing motor vehicle access Ontario Street north of First Avenue.
Up to 3000 cars per day would be using Ontario. This increase in cars would
greatly increase conflicts with cyclists at the 1st and 2nd Avenue
intersections and discourage people from using this popular bicycle route,
decreasing people moving capacity. The measures that the city has proposed
including bike lanes and a bicycle path north of 1st will do little to
reduce intersection conflicts.

The best option would for Ontario Street to remain car free north of First
Avenue!!! Instead of adding cars, these developments should lead to
improvements to the Bikeway. The sections of Ontario by the developments
should be open to cycling and pedestrians by closing off automobile access.

Please come to the following meetings:

Ontario Bikeway Strategy and Planning Meeting
Join others who want to improve the Ontario Bikeway and protect it from
more cars.
Tuesday, October 10 5:30 PM
BEST Office, 822-510 W Hastings (at Richards)
information or to get involved contact Richard Campbell,
604:669=2860 ext 212 or richard@@@best,bc,ca

Public Hearing
Let the City know what you think of their plans by speaking at the upcoming
public hearing:
Oct 17, 2006 7:30 PM
Council Chambers, City Hall
Call 604:873=7276 to register to speak

Consider sending a message to Mayor Sullivan and Council?


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