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1. Halloween Critical Mass Ride and Roll!
2. VeloWeen!
3. Pedal Revolutionary Bike Radio!
4. Midnight Mass Bike Ride
5. Canadian Troops Out of Afghanistan Rally and March
6. Car-Free Parade of the Lost Souls
7. Our Community Bikes (OCB) Halloween Party!
8. Call for Submissions -- Momentum 25


Friday, October 27, 2006
Halloween Critical Mass Ride and Roll!

Join fellow scarry bicyclists, skaters, and bladers for a costumed ride and
roll through the streets of Vancouver. The Halloween ride is one of the
most fun Critical Mass rides of the year! Meet at the Vancouver Art Gallery
on the Georgia Street side between 5:00 and 5:30 p.m., and roll and ride at
6:00 p.m. The ride is on rain or shine!

And of course, decorated bicycles, trailers, signs, flags, noisemakers,
gettoblasters and sound systems, drums, trailers, and wildly modified
bicycles are all highly encouraged. A VeloWeen afterparty starts 8:00 p.m.
at the ANZA Club, #3 West 8th at the Ontario Bike Route.

Some photo's from the last ride:

Pre-rides to Critical Mass:

UBC riders meet at the UBC Bike Hub, on the north east end of the Student
Union Building, at 4:30 p.m. for a group ride to the Vancouver Art Gallery.
Phone 604-822-BIKE for details.

East Van riders meet 4:00 p.m., leaving 4:30 p.m., from Grandview Park,
1200-block Commercial Drive, for a group ride to the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Celebrated around the world, Critical Mass is a grassroots reclamation of
public space -- on the last Friday of the month -- which allows cyclists
and other self-propelled people to move safely and comfortably through city
streets in a car-free space. Non-polluting forms of transportation are

For more information:

Worldwide details may be found at: or

Upload/View Vancouver Critical Mass Photos at


Friday, October 27

It's the season for trick or treating and we have quite the treat for you:
VeloWeen. Fun, crazyness, dancing and more. Everybody who arrives with
Critical Mass in costume gets a free beer!

The lineup:
Phatty Phatty and The Roaches. (Band)
Toot-A-Lute (Traveling minstrels)
Timothy Wisdom (DJ)
Megan Rose (Musician)
DJ Bad (DJ)
Corrior (DJ)
Dance Bellys (Dancers)
Ian Patterson (Visuals)
The East Side SLIHCsters (East Side Low Income Housing Coalition)

Where: The Anza Club, #3 West 8th Avenue at the Ontario bike route.
Cost: $5
Time: 8pm to 1:30am

This is part of the Velo fusion community fund raiser project. All money
raised goes back into supporting community projects. For more information
please visit


Pedal Revolutionary Bike Radio!
Thursday, October 26

And every other Thursday, from 5:00 to 6:00pm, on CiTR 101.9 FM

News about bike civic politics, chopper bikes, legal issues, bike
maintenance, culture, fun and of course Critical Mass! Your hosts: Ifny,, and Conrad Schmidt,, 604-537-2044.

Pedal Revolutionary Bike Radio needs to hear from you! If you have a bike
related event or announcement, phone 604-UBC-CiTR (604-822-2487) during the

Web site:
Blog spot:
Listen live over the Internet:
You can also listen to the MP3 podcast masscast of past week's pedal
revolutionary show! Goto for instructions. For any
probs/questions give ifny <> a heads up.


Midnight Mass Bike Ride
Thursday, October 26

That's right kids, midnight mass is this week -- with costumes all around!

Get your wings & your tutus, your ray guns and witch hats, exercise your
wit and your fine sense of fashion (or just of the absurd) -- mix it all up
and throw in a couple of wheels and some bike lights and get your ass to
the Midnight MassQuerade.

As usual, meet 11:45 pm at Grandview Park (Commercial Drive at Charles St.)
with the ghost train rolling at the creepy, scary, hour of midnight. Bring
your bike lights, your friends, your costumes, & your thermoses full of hot
More photos at


Canadian Troops Out of Afghanistan Rally and March
Saturday, October 28

It's the day after Critical Mass, and in the afternoon prior to OCB's
party... and you've got a busy social calendar... So what's this invitation
all about? It's STREET ACTION organized by in downtown
Vancouver, joining thousands in cities and towns across Canada, to bring
Canadian troops home from Afghanistan. Rumor has it that "Bikes Not Bombs"
has been invited to lead the march. Who's "Bikes Not Bombs?" Well, it's
you & me and all self-propelled people who have hopes to bring an end to
'oily wars' as soon as possible...

Gather 12:00 Noon at Waterfront Station (Canada Place at the foot of Howe
Street). March at 1:00pm followed by a rally, 2:00pm, at the Vancouver Art
Gallery (Georgia Street side).

Tom Childs is looking for extra hands on the morning of the 28th, prior to
the march, to help rig the famous BIKES NOT BOMBS banner (thanks to
Redsara) at the Vancouver Art Gallery. It's a big mural-like banner, and
Tom will be packing ropes and the banner. Email Tom if you are able to meet
sometime in the late morning of the 28th at or give
Tom a call at 604 524-9316. Maybe breakfast first and then rig the banner.

For more information, visit


Parade of the Lost Souls
Saturday, October 28

We know full well the opportunities we look for to buzz around in
beast-free streets... Well, after a one-year hiatus, and out of necessity
and full-on love of barricades, the Public Dreams Society is closing down
Commercial Drive to all oil burnin, steel crushin traffic for the Parade of
the Lost Souls, Saturday, October 28 from 6 to 10pm! Fantastic! Oooh!
Barricades are sexy... (and barricaders are even sexier!)

The theme this year is: Peeking Through the Veil... a Celebration of the
Cycle of Life.

The procession begins at the all weather field at William and Cotton where
altars, shrines, fire dancers and an ancestral dome prepare you for your
journey. Then, musical guides appear, beckoning you to travel down the
river that flows to the other side. The journey ends in Grandview Park
where fire keepers illuminate your psyche and we are all filled with the
delight of life as we dance, dance, dance in the street!!!

Bikers bringin it in...

Andrea Curtis is looking for folks on bikes -- how funky the ride, how fab
the costume is up to you -- to take donation buckets and milk the
Underworld for their petty cash. The Society needs this money to cover
expenses, to keep it all rolling, and to keep motor vehicals out. Whatever
you pull in, the Society offers you 10% as extra incentive and a bit of
love. If you can help, contact Andrea at, or at

For more information, visit


Our Community Bikes (OCB) Halloween Party!
Saturday, October 28, 2005

This Halloween will be Our Community Bikes'
( 13th birthday! So join us for this shaker
(and on-the-sly fundraising party for Maya Pedal) with costumes and dancing
and drinks and such -- like we always do. The party kicks off at about 9
pm, so there's lots of time to get dressed up, hit the Parade of Lost
Souls, grab some grub, reapply your makeup, and come on by:

3283 Main Street (just north of 17th Ave), 604.879.2453. Look for lots of

Many will attest that last year's OCB Halloween party was definitely one of
the year's best, where the kegs ran dry early, costumes were saucy and
hilarious, and people dressed as video game systems or the Intertidal zone
danced up a storm on the workbenches all night long.


COPY DEADLINE - November 1

Momentum Magazine needs writers for the December & January 2006/07 edition
of MOMENTUM (number 25) and for the next MOMENTUM, number 26 ­
February/March 2007.

If interested, contact Momentum directly at email
self-propelled(at) or call 604-669-9850, or join the Momentum
email list at


Want to talk about bicycle issues and Critical Mass in Vancouver?
Are you planning bike related events or have announcements?

Join the Velolove discussion list!

For more information or to join, visit:
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