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Yes, we ride the last Friday of every month!


now mass sept 29

Do you believe in Global Warming?

Do you really have to?

Breath the air, walk the street, try to talk in the street.

There are plenty of angles towards carfree cities.

........................................Critical Mass is but one approach. We need more and many. We need to have mass rapid transit that is affordable, focused on moving people, and mayors that ride their bikes, as in Bogotà. Toronto shows us about new mobility hubs, where people network many approaches to getting around so there is community support to doing it. In Vancouver, our legacy of opposing highway building is key as well. This future without cars is undefined, and will continue to form as world carfree day comes and goes. Critical mass is a temporary community hub, for networking and imagining what possibilities could be. One day permanent spaces officially maintained will also serve that role, to get people around sensibly.

Come out into the streets and mobilise! Government will follow when the
people push pull pedal it along.

5:30pm Vancouver downtown
art Gallery Lawn, Lions side
ride together, course determined organically

It will take all of our wits and creativity to replace this violent culture
of car dependance. Righteousness is not the attitude we need to work with
people and form alliances. Lets do it!

Pre rides to the mass 4-430 meet SFU bikes on the drive, grandview park on
commercial drive, and UBC bike coop

More bikes: more circles of fun!

PS the bicycle bee event is looking to pick your brains for our peer
sharing/learning event in october. The next meeting is Oct 4. Put on any
workshop you like!


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