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free animation workshop @ PT!

with animation, one can actualize an imagined utopia, inspiring new worlds:
we need more bicycle/car-free animation!

(It is an intense but satisfying process, these are good teachers)


this is the third of a series of free workshops organized by rickie lea
owens and stephen wichuk which promote and facilitate the makin of
cartoons! self motivated people of all ages/walks of life are welcome to
participate--- no previous experience with the medium is necessary

the course will introduce participants to some basic principles and
considerations of animation through screenings, 2 small optional
assignments, technical demos, a resource library, guest presentations,
group and one-on-one critiques, a main self-directed project and finally an
outside screening to present the works completed (or in progress)!!

you will also enjoy the wonderous facilities of the thistle which include a
zine library, computer lab (armed to the teeth with software), line tester,
light table, sound recording station, screening room and more! we will have
free animation paper and peg bars and each person will recieve a mini DV
tape to archive their work.

guest lecturers will include:
anna horabin tasha brotherton more TBA

the course is 6 weeks in length starting:
sunday OCT 7 and running every tues (6-9pm)*, and sunday (1-4pm) until
tuesday NOV 14 * we will be running parallel to an experimental film class
who deal with shooting and handproccessing super8/16mm film

the course will be held at the purple thistle youth arts/activism centre
which is located @ 260-975 vernon dr. space is
limited to 12

for more info, including course syllabus, or to

REGISTER SOON leave a message for stephen 604 > 872 > 0301 or email:

please feel free to forward this message

sponsored by:
Neighbourhood Small Grants Program 2006 Downtown Eastside & Strathcona and
purple thistle centre


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