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The First International Alley Kitten challenge!

Hello bike loving friends.

I'm here to bring you word of much wonder and excitement soon to be taking place. Thursday the 21st of september to Sunday the 24th will be four days of bikelove as vancouver bikers come together for the Velomutation weekend. We're even throwing an extra midnight mass that weekend to keep the love flowing! (that's right kids, 3 midnight masses in september! plan on sleeping at work or while spending time with loved ones to make up for the lost shuteye).

For details of the weekend's events, hit up and

Of course, the reason for this email is the friday event Kati J and I have been working hard to bring you - the first ever Alley Kitten! That's right folks, an Alley Cat messenger style race on mini bikes. Yes, mini bikes.

Registration at 6pm, race at 7pm. We'll be starting at 666 burrard street, across from the burrard skytrain station. To race, you've got to get yourself a bike with 18" wheels or smaller, though you can pre-register by emailing me or kati if you need to borrow a set of wheels. There will be a registration fee of $3-$5 to offset the costs of putting on the race (you'll be likely doing shots at one or more of the stops on the race. other surprises too!). The race will include skill testing of all sorts (not only the fastest riders will have the advantage) all over downtown. Set to end at the ever popular Science World Gazebo with prizes for best dressed bike, best tricks and top three finishers of the race.

The reason why I am telling you all this is because we need volunteers! We also need racers, so choose your kind and let me know. Another reason is that we need prizes, so if anyone knows anyone with stuff that bikers like, ask for some for us! Hehe. We will reward you with the best of bike love.

Roll deep, and take the lane when you need it- over and out -simon

PS - I'm looking for pictures from the midnight undie ride to post on the website - if you've got any, hit me back here! THANKS!


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