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Call To Worship--Saturday Bike Church Worship Service--sponsored by Ted and Kyle. Come for Cider Floats, wheel truing contests, and backwards riding

This is from Ted Buehler in Davis California, but it is so funny I had to put it here... Lest ye worry that the jokes are only for ex-Xians, notice the "Rabbi Tai" leading the group too.

Tomorrow's worship service might be a bit sleepy with so many people out of town. So here's the deal. In addition to the usual Blessing Of The Bicycles we'll have some other activities to entice any homebodies to come worship:

  • 2PM. Communion--Cider Floats. I'll sponsor ice cream and cider. Works for beer, root beer, and many other beverages, too. Bring some contributions if you feel so inclined.
  • 3PM Speed-Redemption--Wheel truing contest. We'll get some salvageable wheels from the heap, each person gets 5 mins on the stand, "most improved" wins a Cider Float.
  • 4PM: Redefining Salvation--Backwards riding lessons. In order to demonstrate a "different way of moving forward towards salvation" we'll learn to ride backwards. It's not as hard as it seems--you sit on the handlebars, pedal with your feet on the pedals, and hang onto the handlebars with your hands. The bike seat is reduced to a vestigal organ (kinda like your appendix or tailbone). Anyone who can ride a figure-8 course gets a Cider Float.

Come to the Bike Church, at The Domes, noon to six! Call me (Pastor Ted) with any questions. 530:848.=.3615

Pasture Ted
Rabbi Tai
Their website and wiki is also entertaining:


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