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Tonight Animated Bike-In Movies

Animated Bike-In Movies
Thursday August 17th, 2006 at 10:00pm
300 Block W. Hastings, Vancouver, CST
Admission by donation

On August 17th the Hungry Ghost and allies present a one night international festival of short animation in a sentimentally important vacant lot. The night will feature nearly two hours of experimental animation from Canada, the U.S. and Germany, with a number of local artists in attendance. Prepare for experiments in low-fi, high-tech and all crossbreeds in-between. In case of rain the screening will be moved inside (if so please call the number listed below for directions).

This screening forms a part in an occasional series of collisions between Vancouver's public space and contemporary cinema practices. This is the first of these DIY cinema interventions into the fabric of the city.

Includes new (to Vancouver) and recycled works by:

  • Don Best Melissa Brabrant RickRaxlen
  • Sue Moffat Jason Halprin Stephen Wichuk
  • Gerald Habarth Tasha Brotherton Rickie Lea Owens
  • Devon McKeller Anne Breymann Michael Betancourt
  • Sean Arden Collin Ward MacDonald Sam Scott
  • Possible live DJ set during the intermission & more.

Please bring your own seating material etc.

For more information: cameraobscura333@+++@hotmail,com or


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