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Socialist CM June06 Video

From, Percy who also made a video last year I think, [though I've lost that link]. Nice soundtrack [I especially like the Chumbawamba]. And an interesting perspective. Why does it say every June at 6pm instead of EVERY MONTH at 5:30pm?

Some text Percy also sent with the link.
I have no idea what it is supposed to mean:
I AM, commonly known as Percy of the von Lipinski family, a living breathing
Soul; a Natural adult Man of Flesh and Blood, with free will and full
liability mind; and sometimes choosing to act as the agent in power of
attorney for the 'legal identity, *Percy von Lipinski (or any other
derivative thereof in matters of a legal nature). I AM the beneficiary of
the trust, the principal of the contract of agency with Percy von Lipinski,
the primary claimant under the rights of *bottomry (*as defined in BLACK'S
LAW DICTIONARY, Revised Forth Addition), the Creditor, and Secured Party of
the debtor * Percy von Lipinski, exercising the right and freedom to
contract the business debtor ┬ęPercy von Lipinski or any other derivative
thereof in matters of commerce . Without prejudice; all rights reserved, and
all God given unalienable rights reserved, waiving none ever, and includes
PRIVATE MAIL BETWEEN TWO NATURAL PERSONS which act as agents for their
assigned free will humans, WITH ALL OUR RIGHTS IN EFFECT.


  • At 6:44 pm, August 28, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Here is last years critical mass ride:


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