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Next Meeting to Plan October Bike Building Bee


The vision so far includes chopper building, regular bike building, and other bike-related workshops, storytelling, social space, a satellite party, food. Satellite Workshops? We have defined some ideas already. It will not be the bee all end all - everything to everybody; it will bee a lot of things. We aren't going to get burnt out by an overly huge event. We hope this event will lead to a regular ongoing space/connection for this type of peer learning and community building. We've picked the name Bicycle Bee.

Bike Building Event: 'Bicycle Bee' in October. (Date proposed Oct 20, 21, 22.) Location(s) are in the works

NEXT MEETING is for people who want to come to create a RAD weekend event where we work, learn, inspire, come together as different biking organizations, and hep this community GROW and be healthy.

We are meeting on Wednesday night Aug 30th at 630pm at Jane and RusL's place
E 45th (at Main St) phone 604...324===1983 for directions
PotLuck food if you can please.

Aug 30 meeting is for people who are interested in producing this event in some form or another. We will be thinking about location very much at this upcoming meeting. We are still defining the event, and it will remain a flexible event that we invite participants to help define. We are going to have a collaberative blog, as a place where we might define an agenda for this wednesday's meeting.

Emphasis is on:

  • -bikes (freaky, regular, mini, whatever... ifny has a bunch of bikes to donate!)
  • -peer education... lots of people with knowledge to share, people who want to learn
  • -community created event
  • -accessible, for people who cannot afford it and for those who can
  • -safe, inclusive, tolerant, welcoming to all. [especially welcoming those who don't already feel empowered or have easy access to fix their own bikes yet, this is what peer sharing and education is for!]

Contact someone of us if you want to talk more about this project. Talking is great. Not everything happens in meetings. Plan a workshop. Think what you have to contribute. Share your skills: be they mechanical, construction, artistic, social, culinary, musical, diplomatic... [think of more?]... Be crazy with us. Bike love might transformer the world. When we get it together.

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