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Yes, we ride the last Friday of every month!


the midnight mass is an underwear affair!

First ever MIDNIGHT UNDERWEAR RIDE! Thats right - this thursday come out prepared to put your pedals to the metal in your skivvies - or if you're shy, at least laugh at (with!) those who do! Tighty whiteys, fancy lace, corset, boxers, christmas undies, bras bras bras, undershirts, thongs, granny undies, stockings, the list goes on - Midnight Mass loves variety in underwear almost as much as we love variety in bikes! So pick out your favorite pair and come meet us at GRANDVIEW PARK (Commercial Drive at Charles Street -- across from the Havana and Turks), THURSDAY AUGUST 24TH - Meet at 11:45 pm, roll at midnight.

For comfort (it seems to be getting a tad chillier these days) perhaps show at the park with your clothes on and we'll drop to the skivvies right before we ride. There's also lots of other good bike stuff afoot, so check out the Mass blog for details on a couple of exciting projects/events comming up!


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