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Mass Critical the... Abbotsford?!?!

Abbotsford Critical Mass
Wednesday, August 16

Abbotsford's critical mass ride is growing -- 26 last time and hoping for 50 this time -- on Wednesday, August 16, 7:00 p.m. at the Bike Shop on Ware Street.

The more people that come out the better for cycling awareness. Spread the word! Pass on this email!

For the August 16 ride we invite the Abbotsford Police Bike Squad and local dignitaries to ride with us as an opportunity to show their support for cycling as recreation and as a safe alternative for Abbotsford residents to commute to work. The important message is we are not anti-car but pro-bike. Cycling is a great way to promote an active lifestyle and improve health, air quality, community relationships and tourism.

However, we do need the infrastructure to make it safe and accessible. With Abbotsford's present growth rate, now is the time to make it happen. Let's help get Abbotsford on the map as a bicycle friendly,
environmentally sensitive, community.

Please join this grassroots ride to make a difference! For more information about Critical Mass rides, please check these links:

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