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Car-Free Art Crawl – more FUN, FOR FREE!

Art About the Drive
A Car-Free Art Crawl featuring images of the Commercial Drive Festival
Thursday August 10th, 5 pm onwards

On Sunday June 18th, the second annual Car-Free Commercial Drive
Festival brought 50,000 people out to play in the street – East Van

The Commercial Drive Festival was a glorious party representing all the
cultures and subcultures that make up our kaleidoscopic neighbourhood,
from the established Indigenous and European communities to the myriad
subcultures and beautiful freaks who are proud to call the Drive home.
Not to mention, thousands of exuberant Brazilian soccer fans, lots of
dogs and babies, and our guests from throughout the region and around
the world. The Commercial Drive Festival is truly a party created BY the
people of East Van, FOR the people of East Van – and the pictures tell
the story.

Brady Images, a locally owned business, recruited and coordinated a team
of fourteen photographers on the day of the Festival to capture the
myriad facets of the event. Ranging in age from 13 to 65, the team of
photographers brought back a stunning array of images, from the personal
to the panoramic. Brady Images has also organized a photographic art
show that will take place in a dozen Commercial Drive restaurants and
shops. The opening night is Thursday August 10, from 5 pm onward
(closing times vary) and the show will run until August 31.

In addition, there will be the spontaneous happenings you would expect
from a summer night on the Drive – watch for art, music, Drive Fest
videos, and more FUN FOR FREE. Of course, everyone is welcome to
participate as you feel inspired.

The Car-Free Commercial Drive Festival – keeping the Drive alive!

Locations participating in photo exhibition include:

Continental Coffee
Cobs Bread
Sweet Cherubim
Drive Organics
Dutch Girl Chocolates
Dream Cycle
Bikes on the Drive
Café du Soleil
Bump n’ Grind Cafe
* There may be a couple of additional venues.

Photographers participating in the exhibition are:

Alex Cadar
Bryce Powell
Eleanor Marsh
Jim Mortlock
John Freeland
Kerry A. Bastien
M. Elizabeth J. Brady
Margaret Barr
Nigel Boeur
Olivia Fermi
Pat McClain
Tom Cseh

For more information, e-mail: bradyimages@"@" or phone
Elizabeth at: 604-->220=0920


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