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august hurricane theme

From: Mike Hudema, Global Exchange itstimetoriseup@=at=@gmail,com

Dear fellow critical masser:

I am writing to you in hopes that you will help us with an international
critical mass call out. This August on the last Friday of the month
(traditional critical mass time) is the 1 year anniversary of when
Katrina hit New Orleans. We are hoping that you will join with us in
making your mass a mass for climate justice in rememberance of the
thousands of climate change victims around the world.

If you are interested please contact Katrina@=&=@RisingTideNorthAmerica,org
or Mike@=&=@globalexchange,org and let us know where your ride is going to
happen so we can help spread the word about rides around the continent.

Converting your mass doesn't take much effort just a circulated email
encouraging folks to wear black, or to make appropriate signs. We even
have resources to help at

On August 25th we hope you will join us,

In solidarity,

the Canadian Youth Climate Coalition


As the arctic melts, temperatures rise and hurricanes get ready to rage
in gulf Canada is increasing its dependence on dirty energy, is
expanding oil and coal exploration and becoming more and more reliant on
the automobile.

On August 25th we are asking you to take to the streets and ride for the

Last Friday in August: Critical Mass for Climate Justice on
Hurricane Katrina Anniversary!

August 25th marks the 1-year anniversary Katrina reaching hurricane
strength. In the days that followed the storm would strengthen rapidly
over an unnaturally warm Gulf of Mexico, ultimately striking the coast
and leaving thousands dead and homeless, victims of an uncaring
government, centuries of racism, and an ever more chaotic global

This year, let's take to the streets with a reminder that the tragedy in
the Gulf continues and a demand that it never be repeated. Get ready for
a Critical Mass for Climate Justice on August 25th in your town!

Why Critical Mass?

Critical Mass is a celebration of bike culture, a meaningful alternative
to car culture and greenhouse gas generating fossil fuels.

As the climate chaos continues to escalate, the killer storms will
become ever more frequent, sea levels will keep rising, and climate
evacuees will go from thousands of millions. Critical masses show that
we have a way out.

On Friday, August 25th, join Critical Mass riders around the US and
Canada in declaring independence from the automobile and dirty energy.

On Rising Tide's website you can find out if there is a ride planned in
your area. We've also got flyers, ideas for bike signs, and useful


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